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    Becoming an Executive Nurse Leader

    A Guide to the University of San Diego Master’s Program

    Explore what the Executive Nurse Leader program at the University of San Diego has to offer.

    Studies of the nursing workforce indicate that current nurse leaders have retired and will be retiring en masse between 2011 and 2029. At the same time, over 3 million baby boomers will hit the age of 65, further straining our health care systems. 

    There is a great need for nurses to prepare themselves to step into these vacant leadership roles, but the shift from clinical practice to administrative and leadership roles requires a new set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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    Learn About the 5 Nurse Executive Competencies

    The American Organization for Nursing Leadership has distilled the competencies of a nurse executive into five categories. Read about these competencies and how they shape the curriculum for USD's Executive Nurse Leader program.

    Career Opportunities for Executive Nurse Leaders

    Completing a Master of Science in Nursing program with a focus on Executive Nurse Leadership can help you qualify for some of the highest paying jobs in the industry. Read about leadership roles and careers you could pursue.

    Meet Becky Coulter, Executive Nurse Leader Student

    Why make the switch from clinical practice to leadership? What makes the Executive Nurse Leader program at USD attractive to aspiring nurse leaders? Download the guide to read Becky's perspective.